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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update on Naomi! :)

After a very sad & emotional day here in our community yesterday, I received a much anticipated update & photos of Naomi with her gifts we sent her.  The timing could not have been more perfect!  It was a wonderful end to a really hard day.  This is a little bit of the update:

Our little Mommy (Naomi)
Our little Naomi is quite the mommy. It is a rare day when you enter her room and she is not there ready to greet you. Once she shows you around and makes sure you are settled, she will usually go check on some of her friends or go get her stuffed dog (which she is rarely seen without). Usually she is either feeding it or giving it medicine (as she often watches her ayis do the same).  I love to sit in her room and watch her interact with her friends as she is so eager to help them.
She is the same way in preschool. On most days she comes in with her little dog and the first thing she does is makes sure her doggy has a place to sit. As we prepare for snack, she is always eager to pull her classmates’ chairs out for them and after we have eaten, she loves to clean up their crumbs and throw them in the trash, as well as push their chairs back in. I love watching the eagerness she has to help and serve, just the way a mommy would do.
Just last week I had the opportunity to experience a really sweet moment with Naomi as she received a package from her forever family. The package included clothing, candy, a baby doll, a photo album, and a book that her parents had recorded for her. She listened intently as she sat on Mikey’s lap and turned the pages to hear the voices of her new mommy and daddy. Later on that morning I went into her nursery and watched as her ayis looked through her family album with her and I listened to the sweet sound of Naomi saying “mama” for the first time. Although I know that Naomi has learned much of what she knows about caring for others from her ayis, what a sweet thought that soon Naomi will have a mommy that will love her and care for her and continue to show her how to be a little mommy.
What a blessing to my soul! Thank you Jesus for this precious gift!
We put the photo of Naomi & Miles kissing in her album as well as a photo of Miles today.  I have to believe she is looking at those here! :)

This is the book that we recorded our voices in :)


  1. This makes me cry! How exciting for her and for you... I'm thrilled for all of you! So glad you ate sharing this journey.


  2. I LOVE the look of surprise on her face in the last picture with the ayi... so sweet!