"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" Ephesians 3:20

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Day :)

We had our first free day yesterday.... It was SO great!  Naomi has really began to open up & let her personality shine :)  We ate breakfast & then went swimming.  We saw Naomi come ALIVE!  It was awesome.  She LOVES the water!  She splashed & played & laughed..... belly laughed even! It was absolutely a dream!!

The boys enjoyed ping pong

Jeb enjoyed the pool.  They required swim caps! lol

Naomi enjoyed splashing her brothers!! :)

Lovin the swim caps!!

Then we headed out on the town...

Had lunch at KFC!!

Playing with brother on the KFC playground :)

Then we headed to Wal-Mart

It was much the same... but very different...

Then, we rode the carousel & played in the downtown area

We headed to the park to play a while before heading back to the hotel.  We did a lot of walking, but really enjoyed being outside.

Then the boys entertained Naomi before bed

Jeb & Naomi :))  Sweet, Sweet

Today we are going to Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Kung Fu,  with another family.  The boys are really excited.  Then Friday, on Naomi's 4th birthday, we are going to Maria's Big House of Hope!!!!  Could not be more excited!  It worked out perfectly for us to go on her birthday :).... And what a birthday it will be!  Praising His name...great things He has done :))


  1. I am just LOVING to see Naomi - Your daughter :) blossom with her family! Seeing she and Jeb together is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! Thank you for posting and sharing! Can't wait to keep up! Especially can't wait to see your post about Maria's! Love how God worked that out for you to visit on her birthday! :)

  2. My heart is so full seeing your family all together. Naomi's smile is SO beautiful!!!! What a precious gift she is.

    So glad you got a photo of hot dancing club:)

    Love to you all. Praying for you each day. Praying for your time at MBHOH to be one of sweet closure on that chapter.


  3. What a great day of play! I am getting so excited reading about it all and thinking, "We will be there in 2 1/2 weeks with our 'Cadence'!" What a great 4th birthday for Naomi and MBH! Rejoicing with you in even those little details! He is good! Continued prayers for all!~Celinda

  4. Naomi is gorgeous! I love the pic of her w/ the flowers! Looks like the boys are going to just love having a sister!!! What an awesome gift God has given your family! Wishing Naomi a very "Happy Birthday" a bit early....Prayers!!! Angela

  5. SWEET SWEET PICTURES !!!!! SO EXCITING !!! vicki & Mamaw

  6. Absolutely LOVING all these pics! It's like Christmas morning & Santa has come when I see new ones! We MUST get an escalator in our Wal-Mart's....AND some dead animals hanging! Love seeing Naomi come alive! I could really see her personality today. And I can see her & Jeb are ganna b like peanut butter & jelly. AWESOME family photo! Tell Kevin he was ROCKIN that swim cap!!! :)
    LylaBell was resting in her bed today doing fine.

  7. Loving the swim caps. Think we should require those when we have our Sunday School back to school party at the pool. Love seeing the pics. Still praying for you guys. Love ya lots!! The Blair's

  8. I am sooo excited! God is good! I am ready to steal a hug from her! Praying for safety.
    Love y'all
    Rebecca O

  9. Looks like an awesome family day. Swimsuit looks adorable on her ;) . Love the picture of her and Jeb, precious! She's gonna love the pool this summer. She is really smiling a lot which makes my heart smile! Have fun, miss y'all so much!

  10. Oh Dawn you hit it right on the head!!it's like Christmas morning every time we get these pictures. I am thrilled that she likes the water. Looks like she is making her nest with the family. I love the pic of her and Jeb in the bed all snug as a bug. We are past excited and so thankful to our Lord Jesus for all our blessings. Love to all and Happy Birthday to our sweet girl.

  11. Your blog makes me so happy! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job sharing your journey. I'm looking forward to the next update!

    Karen Wilkinson

  12. What a great, relaxing family day!! Naomi is a beautiful little gal. She is really having a good time and warming us to y'all. It really looks like she is fitting in with her big brothers and having lots of fun. It is so wonderful to see her having such a happy day with the family.
    Enjoy...... :-)
    Dave & Robin

  13. It looks as though Naomi has been with y'all forever! She just makes me smile. I had to fight all three kiddos for my phone when I told them you had posted new pictures. They are loving it! I love reliving our trip for Miles through your journey. Your pictures today really made me want to go back to Zhengzhou. We didn't get to enjoy any of the outside activities because it was so cold when we were there. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about the swim caps. I took some with us, but my kids never got in the lap pool so we didn't have to wear them. Can't wait to hear about your trip to MBHOH! Mac is missing Jeb terribly. We will need to borrow him once y'all get home, and Madeline is beside herself wanting to "meet" Naomi again. We are all ready to see you guys back in NA. Enjoy your last few days in Zhengzhou! Love you all!

  14. Love this!!!! Laura sent me your blog. Loved seeing your precious family all together - you all look so very happy! Praising the Lord for Naomi and for the Lord bringing you all together!