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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shaolin Temple

We had a great day today at Shaolin Temple.  It was A LOT of walking, but the boys really enjoyed it.  We saw a Kung Fu show, saw monks, & the different Buddha's.  It was quite interesting.  I think we were the most interesting thing there though.... I bet 25 people took pictures with us (mainly Jeb :)..... It did get a bit old to me today.  We finally started telling people no.  People wanted to know why we Americans had a Chinese child.  Our guide, Vivian, would tell them we came to adopt & they would say.... Ah, such warm heart.  I can't tell you how many people came up to us & literally COUNTED our kids! And then they would look at us & hold up the 4 fingers!  YES, we have FOUR children.  It blew them away. lol  They are custom here to only one.  It amazes them that we have so many.  Naomi was a bit tired today & a little cranky.  She took a nice long nap on the ride home & then came alive when we got back to the room. :)  She played with the boys & ate a TON of pizza!  This girl likes to eat! :)

This is our guide, Vivian.  We were waiting to watch the Kung Fu show.

One of the many photo opts....

The car knocks her out!

Then back to the room for pizza & fun with brothers!

She loves her some chopsticks too! :)

Playroom fun tonight :)

Maria's Big House of Hope & BIRTHDAY FUN tomorrow!!!!


  1. Love Naomi's outfit! Always excited to see that you have posted. Great pictures. Your boys look like they are having a lot of fun. Looking forward to your post tomorrow! Give hugs to those at MBH for us! Happy Birthday, Naomi!!!!

  2. So glad y'all got to go to the Shaolin Temple. I know the boys loved it. Mac said he should have gone with Jeb so he could see those warriors. Ha! Those Maria's kids all seem to be pretty hearty eaters. Be SO glad the car knocks her out! Can't wait to hear about your visit to MBHOH tomorrow! Happy Birthday to one very special little girl!

  3. So glad to read a new post! Happy Birthday Naomi! Hope y'all have a wonderful day at Maria's. Can't wait to read all about that. Love, Amanda K

  4. I love following your journey! We had sweet Vivian as one of our guides too--she is just precious and so joyful:) Glad you had another good day. We will be praying for your time at MBHOH and for a sweet birthday for Naomi tomorrow. Love to you guys!

  5. She looks SO adorable in that outfit! Love seeing all the boys with her & all their smiles.....I can just hear the giggles through the pics. Naomi has probably NEVER been SO busy, I bet she is wore out! Can't wait to see all the birthday pics. She's one lucky gal!

  6. Happy Birthday, Naomi!!!! I can only imagine the fun of this special day.

    Have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip tomorrow.

    Love her smile. She is so cute and happy!!

    Dave & Robin

  7. Happy Birthday to Naomi!!! I have told Issie about her and showed her your pictures. She cannot wait to meet her. You all look so happy, have a great day!!!

    Leslie R