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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Naomi's First "Family" Day :)

We had a wonderful first day with our daughter!! Very long, but wonderful day! Naomi slept all night & felt much better when we woke up.  Her fever was down & she acted like she felt better.  We went to breakfast & she ate any & everything!  She has a great appetite! She also LOVED her first bath!  I brought her a swim doll & she played & played in the tub.  She even bathed her baby :).... so sweet!  She also giggled & laughed for the first time.  She finally let Kevin hold her after her bath.  He was thrilled.  I had to snap a pic :)

At breakfast, when we sat down she immediately picked up the chop sticks & began eating!! Precious!!

On the way back to the room :)

After breakfast, we went back to the government office where we received her on Monday to sign the papers to make it official.  We had 24 hours to change our minds... :)  

On the bus ride there

Then we had to go to the notary to get everything notarized.  

On the way back to the bus.... loves daddy holding her now :)

After that, we had lunch then took a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to Hebi, the city where Naomi is from, to apply for her passport.  Hebi is a beautiful city. Not at all what we expected.  It is much smaller & seemed quaint.  The passport officials really liked Jeb (everyone here really does).... They wanted to take pictures with him :)

After that, we went to the Hebi City SWI where Naomi was taken when she was first abandoned.  She only spent 6 months there before she was taken to New Hope Foster Home where she received her cleft surgeries.  She was taken back there about a week ago to do the paperwork for the adoption.  So, this is where she was brought to us from & we were concerned that she would be upset thinking that we were taking her back. But we've heard from so many others that it is good for them & gives them closure  This is what we experienced with her and are so grateful!

This is the outside of the building

It had a nice playground

The man in the picture is the Orphanage Director. The lady is a volunteer at the orphanage who translated for us.  They were both very kind, friendly people.  They acted like they were very pleased with us adopting Naomi & for us visiting them.  When I picked up this precious one, Naomi grabbed my leg.... priceless!!!  I will never forget that feeling :)

I could've taken each baby home with me!!!

This was Naomi's room

She was unsure & didn't really know what to think

Our family with the Orphanage Director & volunteer translator outside the orphanage.  They both asked us if we would email them the picture!!!

This has been Naomi's usual response to the boys.... "the hand"  lol

In the van on the way home having snacks with brother :)

Then she began to come out of her shell & laugh :))  Made our day!!

Today, we have the day OFF!  We plan to go swimming, go to the park, & maybe venture out to Wal-Mart...... should be fun!  Our internet was not working last night when we got in & honestly, I was too tired to try to figure out what was wrong with it!  Today it seems to be working fine.  I'll try to post more later tonight!  Thanks for the prayers & encouragement!  We appreciate you all so much!  We are BLESSED!!!


  1. Oh, I just cried when I saw that happy face!! God bless you all, Jennifer!! What a wonderful day!

  2. This update made my heart smile! Naomi's smile speaks volumes. She knows she is safe and loved by her family. I do believe she will be able to keep those boys in line. I love seeing her transform before our eyes through your pictures! Hope you all have a great day!

  3. We were starting to think Kevin got left somewhere since there were no pics, LOL.!!! but seriously, I figured she was probably not sure about him yet....So sweet to see Daddy and daughter...her hair is so pretty down. I am so happy foe y'all and can't wait to get my hands on her.......AUNT VICKI

  4. Mamaw thinks Naomi is beautiful and she can't wait to see you all. she said to say "I LOVE ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH !!!"

  5. Thank you for sharing your journy with us. We are praying for you guys and so glad to see those smiles. Glad that Naomi is adjusting well. I know you guys are ready to have your WHOLE family back home in New Albany. We miss y'all and can't wait to welcome y'all home!
    Love the Blair's

  6. I feel so blessed to watch your journey unfold! The pictures, along with your words, are magical. I can see her blooming right before my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Karen Wilkinson

  7. I love reading your updates! It is fun for me to remember our trip as I see familiar places in your pictures:) So thankful that you are all there together. Praying for you each time you come to mind. Love to you all!

  8. LOVE all her smiles!!! SO glad she's feeling better! Kevin is a natural with a girl in his arms:). The boys are in for a ride with her. She will be 1 protected little girl with all 3 of them. I hope yal enjoy the day off. All these pics may me think "LOVE is the universal language". Can't wait to see all the next pics. Praying for u all!

  9. Vicki Hardin BramlettApril 18, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    PRECIOUS beautiful memories! I am so happy for you all, girl! The picture of her grabbing your leg when you were holding another baby got me!!!
    Safe travels!
    Love you!

  10. So glad to see all of your great pictures, so good to be able to follow you on this journey it feels like we are there with you! She is just a doll and her hair is beautiful down, looks so pretty! This is just simply amazing and incredible, I'm so happy for all of you! We love you all

  11. Ohhh. I have just read this page about 10 times today already. I can't stop looking at the photos.... just seeing God's hand all in this is amazing!! The feeling is undescribable for me... I can't imagine what it is like for you. She is precious! And, I love seeing her warm up to Kevin and you. Such a beautiful picture of love. Like Dawn said... I guess Love really is the universal language... The Kent's can't wait to meet her. Every night and every morning, both girls ask me if there are any new pictures to see! :)Praying for you daily. Much love, Amanda

  12. I stumbled on your blog and read some of your newer posts first and then kept going until I got to this one. I am crying so hard and I feel so blessed to see your beautiful family and your kinds hearts for each other. Love overcomes. All praise goes to our great God!