"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" Ephesians 3:20

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last day in Zhengzhou

We made it through our last day here in Zhengzhou. We are VERY ready to be HOME!  We are feeling some better but still congested & Loden is still running a low grade fever.  We stayed in most of the day, but headed out to McDonald's in the afternoon.  We cut through a nearby park & found a small carnival.  The boys really liked it.  It seemed somewhat like home.  The sights, sounds, & smells on the way to & from, however, are NOT like home, and are beginning to get to us. We are VERY ready to be HOME. Things are VERY different here.  We seem somewhat like celebrities - lol.  We stopped to take this pic & at least 20 people gathered around to stare at us.

Then the same thing when we stopped to buy Naomi a balloon.

And then there are sights like this everywhere...

And this...

And they actually let them utilize this freedom anywhere they would like in any way they would like..... Let me just leave it at that.  We saw more today than we care to remember seeing.....  I'm honestly surprised we are not more sick than we are!  (I told the boys we are burning our shoes when we get home!!)
Did I say yet how READY we are to be HOME??  ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.... HOORAY!!

It was about 70 degrees outside today, but it had to be at least 85 degrees inside McDonald's.


This was a really beautiful park.  Too bad it is not kept cleaner....


And the carnival fun :)

Love this one :)

She was a Daddy's girl today :)

LOVE this one too :)

Notice her little arm :))

And they love the outdoor exercise equipment...

We did have a great day & are praying things will be even better in Guangzhou.  We fly out tomorrow around noon.  Please keep us in your prayers that all is smooth as we travel & that Loden will wake up WELL! :)  Thank you :)  Oh & btw, in case the pictures don't show it, Naomi is doing GREAT! :)


  1. She is an amazing little girl. She acts like she has been with you forever. The pictures tell it all. I know there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

  2. Love the pics of Naomi & Kevin & the 1 with her little arm around Jeb. The pics DEF show how well she's doing. It's clear to see how happy she is & it's also clear to see how in love yal all are with her. But......I'm ganna need to know more about this open booty thing!!! Ha! Praying for health & safety!

  3. zhengzhou IS hard-- nothing to do really, no good food- and you guys had to stay an extra day and a half-- ugh- we travel i july- not looking forward to that-- but GZ is better! hang in there!

  4. Wonderful to see how well Naomi is doing! Hang in there! I remember well how ready we were to leave Shanxi province and get to GZ 3 1/2 years ago. It was better and then HOME...ahhhh!!!! Praying for continued healing, safety, and bonding!

  5. Praying for this last leg...I know it begins to get wearying being away from home for so long {especially when you are not feeling well}. You will love Guangzhou--the island is so cute and lots of great shopping--the weather is fabulous and the air feels a little more fresh:) SO thankful you are all together. Praying for health and rest and endurance for this last week. Try to soak in as much as you can! We love y'all!

  6. Love all the pictures...especially the one with her arm around Jeb. That is precious!!! I can't wait to meet her! I know y'all are so ready to be home. Praying for safe travels. Love, Amanda

  7. Prayed for you multiple times today! Thought of you OFTEN and said a prayer EACH time! LOVE to see how well Naomi is adjusting! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic with her little arm around her brother! My hubby said that she will always have a protector with 3 BIG brothers! So sweet! Can't wait to hear how things get better in Gaungzhou! Thank you for our email AGAIN! Did this momma's heart WONDERS! :) Blessings and Prayers for ALL of you!

  8. My fav is the one with her hand on her hip and of course her little arm around Jeb. The public dislpay of booty is more than I can stand....LOL !!!! Robert might enjoy that since he has made the outdoors his restroom for years. Hurry home....btw...we have skype but not sure how to use it...robert does if yall know what to do....:))
    Big hugs and kisses from Mamaw and Aunt Vicki !!!!!

  9. Prayed today for you all for health, safety, and endurance! A change of scenery should help and you'll be one step closer to home. Hang in there and try to soak in as much as possible. Love watching Naomi continue to blossom! Enjoy GZ!